Where to party in Tay Ho

For most of the expats living in Hanoi, Tay Ho is the prime location for a good night out. A 15 minute drive out of Hanoi’s famous old quarter will bring you to an area full of artisan cafes, sophisticated clubs and convenient street food (with seafood being a known delicacy near the west lake).

Tay Ho is the predominately go-to hotspot since many of the clubs and bars there stay open late (until 3am). The clubs and pubs are spaced out so getting around by foot isn’t recommende, instead it is worth taking a motorbike or taxi. If you do choose to travel by foot however you are certain to find a few hidden gems around the district, in particular if you take a casual stroll around the lake (with Hanoi’s oldest Pagoda being located here).

When it comes to partying in Tay Ho, everyone congregates at a Bia Hoi bar for pre-drinks at around 5pm. These small bars can be spotted on street corners with a big sign reading “Bia Hoi”. Bia Hoi means “fresh beer” in Vietnamese and the production of beer was introduced to the Vietnamese by the French during the days of colonisation. The beer is probably the cheapest beer in the world (for around 3000-5000 dong).

Most expats then flock to either Rastaman or Hanoi Rock City at around 6-7pm for a gig or event. This is a great opportunity to make friends as well as become dumbfounded by how many motorbikes are parked outside.

As the evening draws to a close, the next place to hit is Savage, a hip and trendy nightclub in the heart of Tay Ho. You won’t get in if you wear flip-flops however so do intend to dress the part. Savage is unique as a club as its split into two sections; a lounge area and a basement area. Savage is a bit on the pricey side but the cocktails are some of the best in the city.

One last bar to mention is the Birdcage, this bar is a little hard to find since it’s out of the main hub of Tay Ho but it’s one of the best underground bars in Hanoi. You can sit in a rural area, swim in their pool (if you dare) and listen to anything from 80s music to Psy-trance.

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