Ceylon Tea Trails: The Ultimate Luxury Escape in Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tea Trails is not a hotel. It’s a travel in time to a bygone colonial era.

Five hours drive from Colombo on windy roads, passing through lush tropical vegetation and bustling towns, bring us to luxurious tea-planter bungalows tucked amongst the plantations.

We are warmly welcomed by Sanjaya, our butler. The rooms are airy and spacious, each with its own patio. The roll-top bath with a garden view calls my name. So does the pool and the jacuzzi right next to the lake.

But it’s time for lunch. The chef comes to us and shares the menu for the day . Everything can be personalized. I leave myself in his hands. Right choice. The food is delicious and well-presented. I feel like being in a Michelin star restaurant. Every day there is a three course lunch and four course dinner. Hunger is not a word that makes part of this trip.

After dinner I like reading a book in the common living room, next to the fireplace. There is a drink trolley where I can serve myself a glass of whisky but I don’t drink so I ask for a freshly made ginger tea instead.

We are in the mountains and in the evening the temperatures drop below 20C. Sanjaya can read a girl’s mind and brings us a hot water bottle in bed every night. A real treat. And every morning spoils us with a coffee and hot cinnamon milk in bed. What a great start of the day!

I loved this place. It felt unique. The attentive staff made us feel special.

Ceylon Tea Trails comprises of five colonial era bungalows. They are all scattered among the green hillsides. Hiking and biking between them can be easily arranged. Each stay includes a visit to the local tea factory and see first hand the whole process of making the tea.


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