4 Reasons To Get a Massage at Oriental Spa in Bangkok

I have been in Bangkok multiple times and one of the things I love doing there, apart from eating delicious Thai food all day, it to have a massage. During my last trip I finally got the chance to pamper myself at the opulent Oriental Spa at Mandarin Oriental hotel.


Here are my top 4 reasons why you should try it too.

  1. Fame – regarded as among the premier spas in the world it’s he only spa in Bangkok to have been awarded 5-star by Forbes.  And if Forbes says so who are you to disagree?
  2. Location – housed in a charming century-old teakwood house on the Western bank of Chao Phraya river, it’s reachable with a short boat ride from the hotel. The place is so-Gram-worthy that I suggest you to arrive at least 20 minutes before your treatment to document and enjoy all the surrounding beauty.178A3878
  3. Price – compared to the other spa options in town, this could seem a bit pricey but still much more affordable than its European peers. The exceptional personalized service and the top notch therapists are definitely worth it.
  4. Feeling – for me it was all about this. I might not remember what essential oil my massage was done with but I will never forget the ultimate luxury feeling of rejuvenation and relaxation while I was there.

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