Van Long: The Hidden-But-Not-For-Long Gem of Ninh Bình

Van Long is one of those places where you feel like time has stopped. Imagine misty wetlands surrounded by dramatic limestone cliffs with lush vegetation. There is just you and a local lady who doesn’t speak a single word of English. The only noises you hear are the splashing water as the bamboo boat goes into the wilderness and the sound of the langurs somewhere far … Continue reading Van Long: The Hidden-But-Not-For-Long Gem of Ninh Bình

Malaysia Beyond The Obvious

Traveling off the beaten path is rewarding but also difficult. It gives you the opportunity to connect with the local culture on a deeper level but might also involve the lack of fancy infrastructures, easy transportation and English speaking people. If this doesn’t scare you, you might want to to have a look at the folowig places in Malaysia which are away from the trails … Continue reading Malaysia Beyond The Obvious