6 Vietnamese Fashion Brands to Watch

The only bad thing about Vietnamese fashion is that it can not be bought online. Or at least not easily. That’s why yours truly is currently wishing for a little shopping trip to Hanoi and HCMC. Here are a few brands whose aesthetic is edgy and classy at the same time.

  1. Gia Studios – the creative mind behind the brand is the young Lam Gia Khand who successfully follows the “less is more” philosophy. His designs are simple, elegant and sophisticated.

2. Nosbyn Studio offers unctional and feminine garments, designed to be worn and be evolved from season to season.

3. Wephobia is a Hanoi based brand and the good news about them is that they have an online store. They two founders take inspiration from chic and effortless styles, focusing on minimal cuts with trendy twist on details.

4. Subtle Studios – Born from a romantic scene of Hanoi, Subtle Simple is a contemporary womenswear label that fuses clean and classy cuts with experimental elements in garment choices and a subtle sense of movement in every piece of clothes. 

5. Linh Doan Studio – The vision of Linh Doan Studio is luxurious, unique yet glamorous and feminine. The delicate designs focus on quality natural materials such as: silk, linen, organic cotton, taffeta which embody the free spirit that has become Linh Doan’s signature.

6. Decos Original ‘s creations focus on the quality, great cutting techniques combined with difficult materials like organza and silk, giving an elegant and attractive silhouette on each product.

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